The Story

Michael, a Permaculturist from Salt Spring Island, Canada, first came to Kenya in 1990. He noticed a lot of deforestation, erosion and poverty.

He felt that he wanted to do something to change this situation. Since then he has been developing forestry and Permaculture projects with local communities.

Agenda: trying to analyze the problems and finding solutions to improve the lives of many

The first 17 years Michael raised all the funds for the projects on his own. Since then he has been working with the private sector to raise funds as the projects have become more expensive.

After 25 years in the field working in East Africa he came to a conclusion:

We need to introduce Permaculture training through to the local people, specifically the primary school. That would be the best way to improve the future sustainability and food security of East Africa.

He thus started opening Practical Permaculture Institutes. Kenya and on Zanzibar, Tanzania are established so far.